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gillian marchenko

Author and Speaker


Gillian2014-20-Edit-2What can I tell you about Gillian? Well, for one thing, I don’t always speak or write in the third person.

The world is full of people who seem to have it together. I hardly ever have it together, so I decided to speak up for the rest of us.

I like lots of things in this world, but there are a few I love: Jesus. My family. Friends. And the written word.

St. Augustine said “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.”

That’s me.

I’m a Christian, wife, mother, writer, speaker, and advocate for individuals with special needs. I write and speak about imperfect faith, special needs, depression, and deep belly laughs.

943708_10201469268630810_835252172_nMy first book, Sun Shine Down, published with T.S. Poetry Press in August of 2013. It is a book about the birth of our third daughter Polly’s birth and diagnoses while our family lived in Kyiv, Ukraine as missionaries.

Still Life 5 (1)My second book, Still Life: A Memoir of Living Full with Depression is coming out May 1st, 2016 with InterVarsity Press. Here’s what some people are saying about Still Life:

“Gillian Marchenko generously lets us know her and walk her journey, and in the process we grow to love her. You won’t find pat answers or bland reassurances here; you’ll find a real and courageous woman, a serious fight with mental illness and faith-fueled hope. If you live with depression or care about someone who does, you must read this book.” (Amy Simpson, author of Troubled Minds and Anxious)

My husband Sergei, our four daughters, and I live in a suburb of St. Louis. We church planted in Kyiv, Ukraine for four years. Sergei is now the pastor of Chatham Bible Church in Hazelwood, MO.

Most Sundays, you’ll find me there in the back row of our church, bouncing a toddler on my knee and giving the older girls the look. It’s been said that the spouses of clergy live in fish bowls. I’m the first to say that my bowl is cracked and most of the water has seeped out.

If you’d like to know more about my writing and speaking, click on the pages above.

And thank you for stopping by, really. I know that in this world texting and Twitter, it’s an honor to have you rest your eyes a bit here.

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