About Me & My Blog

Hello friends! My name is Sarah McLachlan, the face + voice behind The McLachlan Memoirs. I wanted to create this blog as a platform to encourage other women, to inspire them in creating joyful + peaceful lives, as I work on those same things in my own life! I especially have a passion for building up other moms to live full lives, and dream big! I wanted to create a space to share my own passions, successes + failures. And I needed it to be a beautiful space, where I could share my love for photography, food, fitness, family + faith. A place where I can stay accountable to the things God is doing in my life, and share tips I’m learning for balancing a healthy marriage, parenting in today’s world and maintaining self care.

My hope is that my readers will get a good laugh + possibly shed a tear from my authentic content as I share about the good, bad and the ugly. I hope my readers feel encouraged that they aren’t alone in life’s struggles, and that this blog can be a source of ideas, support and inspiration for them!

I am married to my high school sweetheart who is a Military Doctor, and we have two incredible boys aged 2 + 5. This blog was actually started because I was struggling to manage my own life and needed a place to unpack all the things I was feeling called to work on. I was constantly scribbling on bits of paper all the areas I felt like I was falling short and my big plans to do better tomorrow! The papers would then inevitably get lost and so would my prospects of being a better version of myself. Some of areas I needed to improve on, while others I needed to let go of. Regardless, I strongly felt God calling me to utilize the positive side of social media to seek accountability for myself through transparent sharing; and my hope is that through my sharing, I will encourage and influence others who are struggling with the same things!

This blog is going to be filled with sincere content about my life, and the various ways I tackle the roles God has entrusted to me! I will share awesome tips + links to things I have found really helpful in dealing with some of life’s craziness! I will post about silly, fun things that bring a smile to my face; but I will also talk about more series issues, such as postpartum depression, diastasis recti, motherhood on the bad days, addiction, recovery etc.