About Us

Two Birds Design is comprised of principle designers, Renée Gammon and Andi Wheelband. With over 10 years experience working in award-winning design firms across Ontario,  a partnership was formed to create  a boutique interior design business. We specialize in creating unique and livable spaces while providing dedicated and personalized service, unrivaled by larger design firms.

With a focus on exceptional quality, creative thinking and attention to detail, we ensure each project is handled with integrity and precision, from the initial planning stages through to construction and implementation. Rather than working in a “signature style” we develop each design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of our client. The first step to a well-designed space is carefully considered space planning. Without it even the most beautiful rooms can feel cluttered, cramped and uncomfortable.

We begin with an initial design consultation where we will discuss the scope of your project, your tastes, lifestyle and how you intend to use the space. We’ll talk about your ideas, goals, and budget and come up with the best way to start turning your vision into reality.

Thank you for considering Two Birds Design!
Sincerely, Renee & Andi

More About Renee

I remember not knowing what the answer was whenever I was asked – what do you want to be when you grow up? But that was because I hadn’t been introduced to interior design yet.

I was always creating something out of “nothing” and happiest building doll furniture out of found foliage or painting whatever I could get my hands on. I remember my mom forcing me to make the difficult choice of narrowing down my collection of rocks and shells to bring home after family vacations. I couldn’t get enough of the patterns, textures and earthy colours of my found treasures.

Not much has changed and I am fortunate enough to spend my days hunting for unique solutions to enhance the spaces of amazing clients. Interior design not only gave me an outlet for my craving to create but also keeps me on my toes with its daily challenges and never ending innovation.

What more could a girl ask for?

More About Andi

I don’t really know when I realized I wanted to be an interior designer, I think I kind of always did.

I suppose it started out at an early age when I’d spend Sundays touring around open houses with my mom pretending we were potential buyers when really we just wanted a peek inside a beautiful mansion.  Or maybe it was around age 10 when my family and I road tripped to Texas stopping in Graceland and being inspired by the opulence and what I’d later learn to qualify as “kitsch”.  Beautiful homes just got me excited and I wanted to see them all!  In fact, to this day my parents laugh about how I would always say I needed to use the bathroom wherever we’d visit just so I could explore more of someone’s home.

High school was a big turning point when I had the good fortune to be taught by a talented architect and designer who created a design program where we could explore things like interior design, graphic design and even video production.  I was able to start creating a portfolio that would later help me get into college and also develop a confidence in my path that I’ve never since wavered from.

College was great and I had very supportive teachers that reinforced my natural abilities and taught me practical applications to all different avenues of interior design as many of them were still currently working in the field.

From there I worked under two very successful interior designers in London and Toronto where I broadened my tastes in design and my experience on the job site.

To this day I still feel very fortunate to have found a career I know suits me so well and allows me to be creative and explorative and enrich the lives and homes of so many great people I’ve met along the way.

Every day is truly different and I wouldn’t have it any other way!