What Our Clients Say

Scott McDonald

Forward Homes

“Andi and Renee are true design professionals. Their work is essential to having a perfect finished result when working on a home renovation project. When I first meet a client to discuss a potential construction project, I often need to tell them that they would really benefit from first consulting with a designer to establish and define what their project will be exactly. I always recommend that the next call they should make is to Two Birds Design. And I’m happy to say that everyone that I have introduced to Two Birds Design has expressed to me that they were truly impressed by the level of quality delivered by Andi and Renee, and the importance of their design work upon the finished project.”

Jim & Jenny Chung

Fallingbrook Homeowners

“We worked with Two Birds Design from start to finish on our complete house reno and second story addition. They took the time and listened to our needs carefully and came up with the design which best suited our needs. They not only provided design services but also provided the engineering and architectural services for our rebuild working closely with our builder. As a busy individual, I valued their availability to work with our builder, city hall and other trades throughout this whole process from start to finish. I would highly recommend Two Birds Design to my friends and colleagues.”